Get ready for some rad times at Kosa Surf camp, wherewe spice things up with exciting skateboarding activities! We've cooked up adynamic mix of surf and skate experiences that suits everyone, from newbies to seasoned riders. It's all about building a lively community of enthusiasts. Jump into thrilling sessions, amp up your skills, and soak in the awesome blendof skate culture and beach vibes. Let the good times roll!

Paradise Valley

Explore the beauty of Paradise Valley in Morocco, wherejaw-dropping landscapes, waterfalls, and natural pools await. Grab your comfy kicks for strolling, pack your swim gear for the pools, and think about snagging our local guide for an extra awesome adventure. Oh, and toss in sunscreen and a camera – you'll want to capture every bit of that breathtaking scenery!

cooking classes

Ready for a taste bud adventure? Dive into the world of Moroccan cuisine with our fantastic cooking experience! From whipping up tajines and couscous to mastering the art of traditional tea, it's a delicious journey into culture at Kosa Surf. Pick your fave dish, and let's kick off the adventure of cooking it up just right with our local chef. Get ready to savor those flavors and spices!


Now, that's a winning trio! Surfing, skating, and a good massage – talk about the perfect blend of thrill, activity, and chill. At Kosa Surf in Morocco, diving into a Moroccan Hammam and massages is not just relaxing but a total cultural vibe. The mix of traditional hammam rituals and those soothing massages? A sure fire recipe for a rejuvenating escape. Any burning questions or need more info? Just hit us up!


Ready to ride the dunes?  At Kosa Surf Morocco, we're not just about waves – we're bringing you the thrill of Sandboarding! Slide down the golden Sahara sands, feel the adrenaline, and soak in the epic desert views. It's the perfect blend of excitement and scenery. Join the sand-sational fun with Kosa Surf – because adventure knows no bounds!